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About Us

In today's Digital world, Computers and laptops play an important role in our day to day life. These devices reduce the work done by us, but sometimes laptop and computers could have issues that cannot be identified by us. The real motto is to resolve the issue with complete care.

As a technology wing of Infinidea Technologies And Solutions Pvt Ltd, reeboot.in was founded on June 17, 2015 in Alambazar, Kolkata. Now reeboot is one of the Leading Computer Service brand in Kolkata and nearby areas. The  ethics and work culture of the company are guided by humble persona and noble leadership of Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Md. Kalim. His true to life personality is showing us way forward in all dimentions of the company. Under the aegis of its down to earth Chairman, INFINIDEA and its technology wing reeboot.in strive to bring stars to the life of common men of every nook and corner of the World. The company is working great zeal in the domain of electronics and communication and soon will expand to all states of East West Bengal.

Our Mission flows in every concept of our work:

To be close to people and work towards enriching their lives.

Our Vision guides every step in our day to day business and CSR activities:

To make economic and reliable technology and communication locally accessible to rural as well as urban population and thus enhance their quality of life.

Laptop PC Service facilitates all types of repairs and services for desktops in Kolkata and nearby areas.High quality service is provided for all brands of desktops and laptops pertaining to both hardware and software issues. Our four staged system devised to help you through getting your computer and laptop and other devices up and running in minimum time and with minimum or no expenditure, bring the joy of owning a system to you. When you reach out for our services you can ot avoid having a never ending relationship with us. All issues can be fixed or solved by our professional, experienced and certified service engineers. Moreover our engineers are tarined on regular basis to adapt to daily changing world of technology. Also, their HR trainings are continuously held to make them feel our requirements instead of just listening to you.

Various Services of include:

  • Software And Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Repairing And Replacing Hardware
  • Components And Upgrading An Existing PC
  • Software And Hardware Installation Support
  • Supply and Installation of New Computer and Laptop
  • Network Installation and Network Support
  • Supply and Installation of Router and Maintenance
  • Supply and Installation of Servers and Mantenance
  • Wifi Hotspot Creation
  • Establishment of Point to Point Radio Connection
  • Facilitating Low Cost Internet
  • Facilitating Fibre to Home Network for personal and business purpose
  • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for Computing and Networking Devices

Why Choose Reeboot

  • We make your computer / laptop work faster
  • We remove viruses and spyware
  • We provide business grade and server support
  • We set up new equipment and recover lost data
  • We create back-up for your files
  • We configure your computer network to support printers and scanners
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